Drunken Sabermetrics: One Man’s Quest

by ceeangi

In an attempt to not press the snooze button for the tenth time this morning, I grabbed my cellphone and looked at the Twitter app. I typically read my timeline when I wake up as means to stay awake, but today I was greeted with a monologue of epic proportions.

To set the scene, Colin Wyers (@cwyers) of Baseball Prospectus fame had an undisclosed number of beers last night, then read this article. While Colin is known for his discussions about flaws in analysis, this intoxicated monologue had elements of humor, while still making valid points about the weaknesses in the article.

While the tweets were funny, I figured it’d be best to capture this monologue in a commemorative video since ┬ámany missed the tweets as they happened late last night while Colin sat among the cornfields with just his sabermetrics thoughts and a Shiner Bock.

Thanks for being a good sport, Colin. Here’s hoping for many more late-evenings of hoppy goodness and sabermetrics. Cheers, buddy.

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